Cosworth power bundles for Toyota GT86 as well as Subaru BRZ

Cosworth has revealed a series of power bundles for the Toyota GT86, its Subaru BRZ sibling cars and truck as well as the North American-only Scion FR-S. 
Each separate level adds further upgrades to the FA20 engine platform that underpins the three sport coupes, improving the common 197bhp output to as much as 380bhp.
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It marks a new approach from the Northampton-based tuning business Cosworth, which has previously focused on supplying private aftermarket parts, rather than establishing total packages.
Kicking off the new age is Cosworth’s stage 1 Power Package. integrating a calibration set as well as sports exhaust with a “performance filtration solution as well as low temperature thermostat”, this £2,000 set-up boosts the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine 23bhp to 220bhp. 
Optioning a integrated overpipe front pipe, total with spherical resonator, for an additional £700 adds a further 5bhp. On top of this, choosing the thermally coated manifold header will assist reduce temperatures upfront to boost output to the 230bhp bundle maximum, bring the overall cost as much as £3,800. 
“We are now able to supply totally validated solutions – as an entire system – to assurance reliability as well as performance,” explained Cosworth manager Hal Reisiger. 
Cosworth to release stage 2 as well as 3 bundles this summer
Later in the summer, two further tuning bundles will be launched, with stage 2 increasing performance to 325bhp as well as stage 3’s “race track configuration” offering 380bhp.
Cosworth is staying tight-lipped about what these next Power bundles will include, although mid-range stage 2 is expected to develop on stage 1 with supercharging technology, whereas stage 3 is likely to function upgrades to the engine internals. 
We’ve been pining for more power in the Toyota GT86 as well as Subaru BRZ twins almost since they shown up on the scene. has Cosworth supplied the answer? tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…

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