Nissan offers solar panels as well as storage batteries to homeowners

Nissan has introduced a variety of solar panels as well as storage batteries to UK homeowners complying with the debut of its new energy Solar service.
Priced from £3,881 for a six-panel setup, the Nissan energy Solar system captures energy from the sun’s rays through solar panels, storing surplus electrical power in optional ‘xStorageHome’ batteries for later use. These enable kept solar energy to be utilized during the night, or on overcast days when less electrical power would be produced by the panels. The batteries can likewise offer “seamless” backup during power cuts.
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Nissan states homeowners might save as much as 66 per cent on their energy expenses by utilizing the service, which is provided in a range of guises. A fundamental six-panel configuration will set you back £3,881, inclusive of VAT as well as fitting, while adding the xStorageHome battery pack brings the cost as much as £7,635. The batteries alone will retail for £6,446, as well as the different products are offered to purchase now.
Nissan offers a 25-year guarantee on the batteries, a 10-year assurance for xStorage systems with new batteries, as well as a five-year guarantee on xStorage systems with reconditioned batteries.
Those wanting to fully-embrace Nissan’s electric experience can, of course, likewise purchase a Nissan Leaf, utilizing electrical power harnessed from the sun to power both their house as well as their car.
Launching the new venture, Francisco Carranza, managing director of Nissan Energy, Europe, said: “Over 880,000 UK houses already have solar panels installed as well as they are seeing the benefits every day, from decreasing electrical power expenses to enhancing residential property values.”
Nissan’s energy Solar products are on sale now, priced from £3,881.
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