Ineos Automotive trials Grenadier production at Hambach plant

Early-phase production has commenced for the Ineos Grenadier, the tough 4×4 developed to fill the space left by the original Land Rover Defender when it was replaced in 2020. Ineos is now in the ‘production try out’ stage at its plant in Hambach, France, where it is building batches of prototype cars to finalise factory processes before full production begins in July. clients will be able to location orders in April, when full pricing will be announced.
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In 2020, Ineos Automotive chose to relocation the Grenadier’s production from a suggested facility in Wales to one in France – at the time, the relocation was top quality a “no brainer” by the brand’s industrial director mark Tennant, in spite of the truth that it scuppered 500 tasks for the UK’s post-Brexit motor industry.

New 2022 Ineos Grenadier to go on sale next year priced from £48,000

Ineos originally organized to assemble the Grenadier in Wales, near Ford’s soon-to-be closed Bridgend plant. However, the firm instead took ownership of the Mercedes factory in Hambach – it’s handily close to the German border as well as enables for simple transfer of the 4×4’s BMW mechanicals.
Before Ineos purchased the factory, Mercedes’ parent business Daimler was because of close the Hambach plant, which only creates the wise EQ ForTwo. However, the electric city vehicle will now be developed together with the Grenadier in the exact same factory, with Daimler contracting the car’s production to Ineos. When wise production ceases, Ineos will have gain access to to much more devices as well as facilities to ramp up production of its 4×4. 
Trial production run
Ineos has now begun building 130 prototype cars for its very first production try-out phase, to hone the producing process as well as iron out any type of missteps before building client vehicles. The brand has taken around 15,000 reservations for the Grenadier so far, with clients able to finalise orders in April. The business has likewise nominated over 100 retail as well as service partners to deal with sales as well as aftercare for the Grenadier. 
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