New Alpine A4810 concept is a hydrogen supercar for 2035

Alpine is highlighting what its models could look like in the future with its newly revealed A4810 concept, giving a look of what a hydrogen-powered Alpine supercar could look like by 2035.
The A4810 was created by students at the European Institute of design (IED) in Turin, Italy, rather than internally by Alpine, with a brief of developing a hydrogen supercar for the year 2035. The French sports automobile manufacturer is provided as an official collaborator however, showing the firm’s interest in hydrogen power. Indeed, Alpine’s parent company Renault has itself recently unveiled its plans for a concept automobile showcasing the use of hydrogen power.
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Alpine GT X-Over to be built in 2025

IED describes the A4810 as a “super berlinette” and says formula One has inspired the aerodynamics. A substantial front splitter features alongside a single strake at the front of the automobile running rearwards over the canopy, bodywork flowing over the wheels and plenty of aggressive ducts and vents. The quad headlights are reminiscent of the firm’s A110 and an Italian flag on the front wing is a nod to the Turin design team. 
There are twin exhaust outlets at the back, which suggests power could come from a hydrogen combustion system rather than a hydrogen fuel cell powering electric motors. IED says the A4810 is a “light yet powerful and agile concept car, which supplies a pure driving pleasure.”
At 5,091mm long the A4810 is longer than the new range Rover and in supercar tradition, practicality points such as rear visibility have taken a back seat with this performance-focused concept.

While the A4810 indicates Alpine is checking out potential future propulsion systems for a high-performance model, in the near future the French brand will launch a hot hatchback version of the all-electric Renault 5, as well as a new electric SUV, dubbed the GT X-Over.
The firm is working on a new EV sports automobile platform in conjunction with British brand Lotus that is thought will underpin the eventual successor to the recently facelifted A110 as Alpine moves towards an all-electric future.
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