EV chargers to become mandatory on new homes

new homes will have to be built with electric automobile charging points under government plans to increase uptake of low-emissions vehicles.
Expected to be announced as part of the department for Transport’s ‘Road to Zero’ paper later today, building guideline in the UK will be overhauled to make sure all new flats and offices come with external charging points for EVs.
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• UK facing a shortage of EV charging points
The ‘Road to Zero’ paper aims to prepare the UK for the 2040 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles, as previously announced by the Government. Crucially, the paper is said to consist of a clause confirming the government “sees a role” for hybrid cars for the future, indicating the ban is only likely to affect pure petrol and diesel vehicles.
The method also aims to “future proof streets by ensuring all new street lighting columns have charging points in areas with on-street parking.” included are also plans to invest in wireless charging tech for EVs where automobiles would be charged by underground pads without the need to plug in cables.
Companies building and installing charging points are expected to receive £400 million extra in government funding.
Transport secretary Chris Grayling will say today the plan will make “for the greatest overhaul in road transport technology considering that the development of the Benz patent motor car 130 years ago.
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