Caterham boss Tony Fernandes Q&A

On the eve of the Singapore Grand Prix, Caterham has revealed the Caterham AeroSeven concept car. It previews a production automobile for next year and gives some styling hints towards an all-new sports automobile being developed for an early 2016 release date. We caught up with Caterham boss Tony Fernandes to find out a lot more about his ambitious plans for Caterham road cars.
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Why do you need a automobile like the AeroSeven now?”I wanted to show there was something new coming from Caterham and I couldn’t wait until 2016. We needed something a lot more and needed to freshen the seven line up. I wanted closed wheels and a roofing – I didn’t get the roof, but it will get a windscreen.”
How do you plan on making a Caterham SUV happen? “There are a few ways, we could get in a platform, or it could be another joint venture. I want to try and create the Caterham experience in a automobile that’s functional, too. It’s a hard ask but I have some very talented engineers – we already have some designs for it. It has to be a crossover like nothing out there, but offer pound-for-pound affordability.”
You’re also interested in a city car, what would that be like? “I see no reason why we couldn’t make a Golf GTI, but with a little extra kick – something in that region of size definitely. someone coming out of university can’t afford a sports car, but something like this that’s elegant and fun, why not? It’s about using those who usually get mainstream automobiles a piece of the F1 track, there’s no reason why we couldn’t put DRS in something like a Golf GTI.”
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