Customization 101

getting the opportunity to customize your salvage automobile is one of the perks of rebuilding. considering that you have to make some fixes anyway, it’s the best time to look at things like interiors, paint, wheels and more. We thought about the different ways you can customize your salvage automobiles and put together a collection of blogs that highlight the greatest customization opportunities.  

How upholstery Can transform Your classic Car 

Though you may think a lot of customization occurs on the outside, the interiors of automotive vehicles contain lots of different fabrics and materials. If you’re planning on repairing or replacing some of it, we’d encourage that you do the following: 

Learn about fabrics 
Familiarize yourself with reupholstery  
Consider seat covers as alternatives 

Since you spend a lot of of your time inside your vehicle, it deserves some extra attention. Find out how your car upholstery can transform a classic automobile from a “work in progress” to something amazing. 

Redefining the Wheel 

Customizing your wheels can turn your vehicle into a statement piece, but getting into wheel customization indicates that you’ll have to learn more about the wheel than you ever thought you’d want to know, things like:  

What is a rim? 
What is a wheel disc? 
Do custom-made wheels impact performance?  
How do I choose the ideal wheels?  

Educating yourself about wheels, rims and discs might not be fun, but it’ll make you sound like a professional when you’re shopping for your custom-made wheels. Find out a lot more about your wheels and if customization can impact your car’s performance. 

What Your automobile color says about You 

Some of us customize our automobiles by painting them our favorite color. but do you know what your automobile color really means? We explore the most common automobile colors, and how they might relate to your personality. Take a look at our initial findings and read the post for a lot more information.  

Black, White and Gray: Sensible, Practical, Pragmatic 
Red: High-Energy, Dynamic, Assertive 
Blue: Confident, Calm, Self-Assured 
Brown and Beige: Easygoing, Down-to-earth, Unique 
Purple, Green, Yellow and Orange: Creative, Artistic, Lively 

Your automobile color indicates a lot more than you think. learn what your car’s color says about your personality. 

Terrible Tires: 4 Things to avoid When getting Tires

We already talked about wheels, but now we’re getting down to details—tire details. finding the ideal tires for your automobile can make them look great as well as supply you with a better driving experience. Here are four tips to avoid when trying to find tires: 

Don’t wait until the Last Minute 
Avoid Upsizing or Downsizing Your Tires 
Don’t miss Your Tire Maintenance
Don’t skip the Research 

See our reasoning in our full blog. Want to make your automobile last longer? start with the tires. here are four things to avoid when getting tires for your vehicle. 

Customizing Your Engine 

Custom engines can make what’s under the hood look amazing, but they can also supply performance boosts for your vehicle. Essentially, there are two different types of customization that can add a personal touch to your vehicle: 


Learn about the differences between the two and how you can use a balance of both of them to turn your ride into a custom-made beauty. Find out how custom engines impact the performance of your vehicle. 

Want to start your customization journey? check out what Copart has to offer.  

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