New Lotus Emira driven: first review by Jenson button

When it concerns a first verdict on one of the most essential British sports automobiles for a generation, there can be nobody better qualified than Jenson Button, Britain’s 2009 formula One world champion and Lotus fan. car express was invited to ride shotgun with button as he drove the all-new Lotus Emira at the brand’s revamped Hethel home.
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This is the very first automobile off the production line, so button says he’s taking it easy – it doesn’t feel like it. That trademark button smoothness is still there as the automobile switches direction as swiftly as he changes gear.

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“Moving the gearstick close to the steering wheel makes it feel racy,” he says. “Looking at a automobile is important, the charm of it, but it’s when you open the door and you get in, everything ought to feel just right, you ought to feel part of that car. You finish with this. It’s a small car, but I feel completely at home in here.
“You also have the full-on home entertainment system, which is easy to use. I hate it when you have to scroll through lots of things. This gives you much more time to drive the car.”

In true British fashion, the rain comes down as we head around for another lap with Button’s smile larger than ever. “It’s wet and there’s so much grip,” he says. “They’ve really dealt with the aerodynamics of the automobile so you get downforce in high-speed corners – you’re not just getting that mechanical grip. That implies you don’t have to have all the gadgets on the automobile to stop it from sliding, which makes the automobile lighter.”
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