New Rolls-Royce Spectre EV completes winter testing ahead of 2023 release

Rolls-Royce has completed winter testing for its new, fully-electric Spectre coupe, having subjected it to temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees celsius at a expert facility in Sweden. The forthcoming design will now go into the next stages of advancement ahead of its organized release in 2023.
Engineers analysed the Spectre’s noise levels, vibration, climate manage system as well as the specify of its rubber elements in these extreme conditions, in addition to its handling as well as powertrain performance. The calibration of the electric motors as well as chassis systems was tested on snow as well as ice to ensure that the Spectre is benign at as well as beyond the limit. 

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The Spectre rides on an adapted version of the brand’s aluminium spaceframe design of high-end platform, dubbed Rolls-Royce 3.0. It’s the most technologically advanced iteration of the platform yet, with more than four miles of wiring compared to just over one mile of cabling in its interior combustion engined models. Interestingly, a choice of specially designed wiring channels has enabled engineers to utilise the battery pack as well as electrics as sound-deadening. 
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Speaking on the electric architecture, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos said:  “Free of any type of group platform sharing strategy, we were able to integrate our plans for an electric powertrain into the architecture’s preliminary design.” However, while the platform is of Rolls-Royce’s own hand, it might still integrate BMW-designed electric motors.

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