Renault EZ-GO concept previews taxis of the future

This rather peculiar-looking Renault EZ-GO concept is a peek at how the French producer thinks ride-sharing cars will look and work by 2030. 
Before then, however, by the end of 2022, Renault is aiming to have a fleet of robo-taxis in operation for commercial use. This newest concept shows the brand’s commitment to autonomous and ride-sharing cars beyond that date. 
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The concept is fully electric, can seat up to six people and is completely autonomous with no car controls to speak of. It’s as long as a Mercedes S-Class at 5,200mm and features Renault’s 4CONTROL rear-wheel steering system to maximise agility.

It’s based on a new EV platform with a compact electric motor on the back axle to increase interior space. As it’s developed for use in the city it has a limited speed of 30mph.
Aside from the large Renault badge on the side of the EZ-GO there are no familiar Renault design cues to speak of, but company design boss Laurens Van Den Acker told car express during an exclusive preview of the car there was a reason. 
“We left it ambiguous; we are not trying to appeal to a customer, we are trying to appeal to a city, a company, a hotel – people who need to offer mobility services,” Van Den Acker told us. “We do concept cars to seduce people and to stretch people’s imaginations.”

Inside, a large U-shaped seat stretches around the cabin with the large glass hatch used to enter and exit the car developed to give easy access for wheelchair users or families with pushchairs. 
Q&A with Stéphane Janin, concept car design Director
Why does the EZ-GO not look like a Renault?
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