Volvo to ditch diesel, starting with the new S60

Volvo is set to ditch diesel by never introducing one more new cars and truck with a diesel engine. Kicking-off the move, the firm’s new Volvo S60 saloon will be offered with petrol as well as petrol hybrid power only. 
The new model, which is because of be exposed in the next few weeks with sales starting before the end of the year, will ended up being the very first contemporary Volvo to be created without at least the choice of diesel power. even the XC40 as well as the just recently introduced V60 estate have D3 as well as D4 variations in their respective line-ups.
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“Our future is electric,” stated Volvo president Hakan Samuelsson, “and we will no longer establish a new generation of diesel engines. We will phase out vehicles with only an interior combustion engine, with petrol hybrid versions as a transitional choice as we move towards full electrification. The new S60 represents the next step in that commitment.”
• new Bosch tech significantly cuts diesel NOx emissions
The S60, which is based on the exact same health club chassis innovation as the V60 as well as the larger S90, V90 as well as XC90, will be introduced with a variety of four-cylinder Drive-E petrol engines as well as a plug-in hybrid edition. Volvo states a moderate hybrid version of the cars and truck will show up in 2019.

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