Lotus advanced performance teases modern day Can-Am racer

Lotus has set up a new special operations division called Lotus advanced performance – and it’ll enter the market with a bang. This teaser image suggests the company’s first project will be a contemporary handle a Can-Am race car.
Although the iconic British brand never made it in the Can-Am race series, it did have plans for a automobile in the late sixties (which would have likely been called the type 66) to compete in the championship. This new Lotus advanced performance project reimagines numerous classic Can-Am cues for the modern era .

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This official teaser image previews the car’s styling. following Can-Am tradition, it features an huge wing, fat rear tyres and a simple roll hoop to safeguard the driver. There’s also a pair of exhausts poking out of the rear bumper and a set of polished intake trumpets rising from the centre of the car, which suggests it’ll be powered by a petrol engine.
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While Can-Am cars and trucks were understood for their large displacement, naturally aspirated V8 engines, Lotus’s recent road and motorsport products have all been powered by in-line four or V6 units, so it’s as yet unknown if this debut LAP vehicle will be powered by an eight-cylinder engine for extra authenticity.

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